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Technology thatputs your firm first

What makes Singletrack a unique solution? It gives you all the benefits of a best-in-class cloud-based platform, with solutions designed exclusively to meet needs and processes of capital markets and support data-driven transformation. 

Here’s how our technology delivers value – and why we’re the #1 client engagement and analytics platform for capital markets firms.

Powerful integration and insight

In a world where customer data is too often stored in inaccessible silos, Singletrack is different. Our platform gathers data from siloed systems to provide a step-change in accessibility. All the data you need in one place.

Advanced analytics for better business outcomes

Singletrack combines automated data capture, intuitive user experience and machine learning to deliver advanced analytics which guide user behaviour, maximising revenue opportunities and workflow efficiency through data-driven advisory. 

A connected Ecosystem

At Singletrack, building strong, lasting partnerships is part of our ethos. With our platform, you get a fully integrated solution with out of the box connections to over 30 partners, delivering seamless connectivity to an industry ecosystem, end-to-end workflows and operational efficiency.

Ultimate customisation

We build on your firm’s strengths through customisation of functionality, workflow and user experience. Singletrack elevates your offering in a fiercely competitive marketplace. 

Continuous innovation

Unlike other solutions, Singletrack evolves with your business. Our active development team releases updates 3-4 times per year with forward-looking functionality. We scan the capital markets horizon for developments, collaborating with clients and industry partners to produce innovative solutions to regulatory requirements, resource constraints and other roadblocks to growth.

Implementation without the risk

Singletrack delivers rapid ROI. Our in-house project team manages the implementation process so you can leverage the full benefits from day one. You therefore have a partner who truly understands operational processes at investment banks and independent research providers – and can help drive adoption across the business while enabling you to benefit from best practices.

Secure and compliant

Singletrack is built on the Salesforce Cloud, so you benefit from the world-class security and resilience that comes from this global platform.

Importantly, we also designed Singletrack to meet the specific confidentiality and compliance requirements of investment banks. The built-in functionality in areas such as wall crossing, transparency and audit trails help you comply with current and future regulations.

What our clients say:

“Compared with the competition we thought that Singletrack seemed more current in terms of the on-demand technology that it used and more agile in how it operated. We value being able to access it anywhere on any platform and we don’t need to make many demands on our IT team.”

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