Increase research monetisation

Ensure clients receive the research they want – and nothing they don’t – on their preferred channel. Plus, you can measure engagement across all digital channels in real time to improve service focus. And you can report retrospectively to justify subscription payments.

Singletrack targets, formats and personalises your research content delivery to maximise investor client engagement. And when it comes to intermediary aggregators and proprietary research management platforms, Singletrack supports them all, seamlessly.

  • Automatically send clients the research they need thanks to Singletrack’s fine-grained, configurable tag taxonomy for research metadata and investor interests 
  • Promote new research to clients based on their consumption history and preferences, including showing alternative forms of research such as models and alt data
  • Distribute research in PDF, HTML, audio, video or using financial models –  via email and mobile – or in a secure, branded portal 
  • Get revenue-driving insight into how individual clients are engaging with research content. Gap analysis and prospecting functionalities enable your team to leverage consumption data, which is gathered from email and mobile distribution, portals and aggregators

And you’re protected with Singletrack. We give you integrated anti-forwarding document security to protect your research IP, centralised contract subscriptions with tiered entitlements to ensure MiFID II compliance and world-class cloud platform security and availability.

What our clients say:

“It is invaluable to have our research, readership, contacts, interactions, relationship data all in one place. We create insightful reports and dashboards that support our business and help us grow.”


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