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Singletrack Sell SideThe gold standard for capital markets CRM

Singletrack is the AI-enhanced client engagement platform that helps you boost performance across sales, trading, research, investment banking, operations, strategy, corporate access and compliance.

Singletrack gives you a “one bank solution” that unifies your business units and data and system silos through data-driven transformation.

With Singletrack, you get more oversight, control and data-driven intelligence to promote growth – integrating valuable proprietary and market data, industry-specific analytical capabilities and workflow tools.

Drive client strategy and stimulate growth

Through Singletrack’s data-driven advisory, you have all the intelligence you need in one place, so you can spot opportunities with current and prospective clients, flag at-risk accounts and adapt to changing market conditions.

Increase research monetisation

Singletrack makes it easy to choose the right digital channels and media, personalise the experience, measure the engagement and monetise your research offering.

Grow your investment banking business

Leverage the power of Singletrack within a secure, ring-fenced environment. Drive deals forward with powerful dashboards while protecting confidentiality and remaining compliant.

Boost investor relations

Create professional and well-attended meetings for both corporate and investment management clients. Even the largest and most complex events are easy to organise with Singletrack.

Stay up to date when you're on the go

Singletrack’s mobile app gives you updates, information and client data from your Singletrack system when you’re away from your desk, taking a break or even if your broadband is down.

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Drive growth and boost client strategy
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Improve investor relations
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