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ZKB Securities (UK) goes live on Singletrack’s client engagement platform


May 3rd 2022, London: Singletrack, the #1 client engagement and analytics platform for capital markets, today announced that ZKB Securities (UK) Ltd (ZKB UK) has gone live on Singletrack Sell Side, on budget and with a 16 week implementation. 

ZKB UK is a recently-established broker facilitating investment in Swiss stocks and providing access to equity research from its parent company, Zürcher Kantonalbank. The broker uses Singletrack to service its clients effectively, across all available channels, ensuring accurate targeting, timely research distribution and a detailed understanding of client engagement. 

The team at ZKB is lean and highly experienced. Using Singletrack enables them to eliminate time-consuming manual processes such as reconciling interaction data and sending research to aggregators. Singletrack’s advanced features, such as the ability to ingest interaction data across all channels and identify meaningful interactions through natural language processing, and to ambiently capture client data that would otherwise be laborious and costly to process give the team an additional edge. 

Stuart McCandlish, CEO of ZKB UK, comments: “We’re a specialised team with unique expertise in the Swiss equity and real estate markets. The Singletrack client engagement platform helps us direct our efforts most effectively and enables us to focus on what we do best without burdensome  administrative overheads. We’re already seeing the difference it has made to our prospecting and our processes.”

Stuart Berwick, CEO of Singletrack, adds: “We are happy to see ZKB UK, a dynamic, growing firm, benefit from Singletrack’s ambient data capture, smart processing and established aggregator integrations. We worked together with ZKB UK to deliver a fast implementation within an agreed budget, achievable thanks to the expertise of our projects team, acquired over hundreds of implementations around the world.”



Published: 03/05/2022