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Singletrack announces new client engagement accelerator for independent investment banks


London & New York, May 17 2021: Singletrack, the #1 capital markets CRM platform, today announced a new solution – Singletrack Accelerator for Independent Investment Banks. The Accelerator unites a number of services and capabilities to give independent investment banks a complete client and prospect engagement platform, far beyond traditional CRM. Singletrack has proven the concept and averages a time-to-ROI of under six months.

Data from sales, trading, research, corporate activity and investment banking, traditionally siloed and difficult to incorporate consistently into an overall management view, can be united in the Singletrack Accelerator. Management dashboards and KPIs harnessing this data give a new understanding of business variables. Valuable information on key areas such as best prospecting opportunities, at risk clients, talent management and service levels vs revenue assist in decision-making and resource allocation.  

The need for the service stems from market conditions over the past few months. Out of necessity, digital adoption escalated during the pandemic, and those who were already equipped thrived. Sell side firms not yet fully digitised found this particularly challenging: high volumes of trades and volatility meant limited capacity to replace legacy systems which silo information yet there was a real requirement to leverage client intelligence across the business in order to compete. The Accelerator addresses these challenges in a short time frame and offers options for a fully managed implementation if client resources are stretched.

Stuart Berwick, CEO of Singletrack, comments, “Singletrack designed the Accelerator for Independent Investment Banks to enable mid-size banks to fully leverage their digital data by eliminating traditional silos, in an aggressive timescale. As we look forward to the new, post-pandemic normal, firms need to be ready for anything – the last 15 months have taught us that. Using our expertise gained over 11 years and hundreds of installations and upgrades for capital markets firms, we are offering a six month time-to-ROI for the Accelerator, leaving firms in a strong position for success in prospecting, client management and talent retention in 2022 and beyond.”



Published: 17/05/2021