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Spring product roadmap: what’s next for Singletrack


At Singletrack, we work hard to stay aligned with our clients, making sure that our product, our people and plans for the future fit what they need. A big part of that is making sure we communicate effectively and often with our clients. To support this, our Product team runs two roadmap update sessions per year; an interim virtual update in the Spring focused on the immediate term and a full in-person update in the autumn, looking forward to the next year.

On 25th April 2023, we held our interim update. As usual, it was an engaging session, where our team discussed market trends we are observing, demonstrated new features and enhancements and engaged with users in a Q&A session.

If you missed our recent virtual product roadmap, here’s a recap of what we discussed and what’s coming soon from Singletrack.

Key updates and highlights:

  • An overview of proposed changes to research unbundling rules and implications for Sell Side firms (for more details read our overview)
  • Market insights highlighting research engagement via Portals has increased over 700% over the past two years for Singletrack customers
  • Discussion on how we’re incorporating Generative AI and a demonstration of our AI-driven search enhancements for Portal
  • A live demonstration of our new Outlook integration, Roadshows module and banking enhancements
  • A customer-led demonstration of our new Corporate Activity Dashboard and analytics
  • Highlighting the 60+ small improvements made over the past three releases
  • An update on adoption of The Inside Track, the one-stop client portal for information about Singletrack

Recently, we’ve been incorporating live polls into our roadmap sessions to get feedback from our users which will influence roadmap direction. This year we asked customers about the strategic areas they were focused on within their businesses. The top 3 areas reported were:

  • Optimising client servicing in sales and research
  • Corporate and investment banking origination
  • Joined-up data analytics and reporting across advisory services

This lines up well with our immediate plans around workflow automations, improvements in our banking module and continued expansion of our client strategy reporting suite.

We finished up the session with a Q&A, which covered a number of topics including the impact on readership metrics due to changes in privacy and anti-virus scanning technology and our plans to host two roundtables on the role of AI in capital markets advisory in the summer.

We are immensely privileged to have an active and engaged user community and the roadmap updates are always big highlights for us. They present an opportunity to engage with users, discuss product features and capture feedback. But equally importantly, they act as a platform that leads to follow-up meetings and deep dives into specific topics that improve our product offerings.

If you were not able to attend the event and would like to watch a replay, Singletrack clients can access this on The Inside Track. If there were topics in this year’s presentation that you would like to discuss in more depth, your Singletrack contact can put you in touch with our product team. Not already a Singletrack user? Book a demo now.

Brijesh Malkan

Brijesh Malkan

Published: 12/05/2023