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Singletrack and PitchBook: partnering to deliver the best AI-backed tools for bankers


  • Financial data and analytics providers like PitchBook have been a game changer for investment banking. But deal data and interaction data often sit in silos, making it hard to drive efficiency and increase deal volumes
  • The key is to bring both sets of data together and integrate them into workflow tools: this way, firms can spot opportunities faster and more effectively
  • Singletrack and PitchBook have partnered to deliver a unique solution that brings together market-leading financial data, proprietary intelligence, and workflow tools, giving firms a proven way to improve efficiency and drive revenue generating actions
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Financial data is critical for investment banking. Bankers can no longer rely on libraries of connections built up organically to drive origination and deal execution. Services like industry-leader PitchBook can give firms broad, accurate information across corporates and sponsors. 

But for financial data to be truly transformational it needs to be combined with proprietary intelligence records of interactions with clients and prospects – this is where each firm can develop a deep understanding of their clients’ specific needs and history. 

Cut through silos

The key is to bring together interaction data which is unique to your particular firm, captured in your CRM, with fundamental and transaction data and to deliver this through the tools bankers already use day to day to complete tasks. This will enable you to spot opportunities, quickly create buyers lists and connect your clients with relevant resources and opportunities.

For example: how can you find out which of your colleagues have spoken with any relevant portfolio companies? To determine whether this kind of conversation has taken place requires a broad knowledge of relationships between the corporates and sponsors you’re focused on, combined with detailed data on all the conversations happening within your firm.

With multiple funds within each venture capital firm, and multiple companies within each fund, the number of participants can quickly multiply. Who has spoken to whom? How do they all tie together?

These questions are difficult to answer, but essential: without a 360 view of each client based on a combination of comprehensive financial data and detailed proprietary information, there’s a risk of missed opportunities, and of presenting to clients and prospects in a way that lacks credibility.

Achieving the 360 view

But how can firms get a comprehensive view of each client which combines all the information they have at their disposal?

It’s clear that gathering this information manually and maintaining it is burdensome for even the largest and most well-resourced firms. The time cost and the potential for error inherent in this approach means that the only way to gain a comprehensive view is through the support of a strong engagement platform to store and manage internal data, and a strong financial data partner to ensure industry-wide information remains up to date.

The game changer? Connecting the two. With an integration between CRM and data-provider, firms can see the whole picture. And that will help you know your clients better, spot opportunities faster, and automate workflows to drive efficiency.

Singletrack and PitchBook can get you there

Singletrack and PitchBook have you covered with an innovative offering which brings together PitchBook’s industry leading investment and corporate data with Singletrack’s powerful capital markets CRM platform.

Singletrack brings the interaction workflow tools to surface the right information at the right time, and PitchBook brings fully searchable fundamental and transaction data. Together, we provide the best AI-backed tools for bankers.

Using Singletrack and PitchBook together means our clients can see all the information they need on a private equity firm in one place. That data can then form the basis of CRM records to help keep track of all conversations a particular firm has had with a venture capital business, as well as all the companies in their portfolios.

This represents a true competitive advantage: you’ll have all the data you need to spot opportunities, give clients and prospects what they want, and provide a bespoke and professional service to clients, prospects, partners, and other contacts.

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Published: 29/09/2023