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Singletrack and Numis: user-friendly, data-driven research Portal


Singletrack Portal enables research providers to deliver differentiated advisory services to their buy side and corporate clients across desktop and mobile devices, and capture metrics to personalise service and improve engagement.

But what is it like to implement and use Singletrack Portal at an investment bank? Simon Bowler, Head of Research at investment banking innovator Numis, shares his experience.

The previous solution

“We have had a long running portal that offered incredibly basic functionality, a poor user experience and was creaking. With increased focus from investors on accessing content in their own way and a desire to elevate our brand, it was time for a change.

After conversations with several potential vendors we decided to partner with Singletrack. As our primary CRM partner they understand our business, we have a good working relationship and most importantly we have a high degree of trust in them. Alongside that, their portal solution looked like it would satisfy our requirements and offer good value.


Whilst we didn’t want huge levels of customisation, there were aspects we felt strongly about, and the team took that into account in their design and proposal. Where we needed to make changes whilst in flow, these were understood and actioned.

As you get into the details of a project like this, you always find hurdles you hadn’t thought of – notes with certain combinations of companies or coverage, note types that you want displayed differently – as we had hoped the understanding our Client Success team has meant these challenges were either foreseen or quickly understood and solved. The attitude was very much “can do” rather than “computer says no”. Regular calls with the project team, the Client Success team and our account manager meant we felt well informed throughout.”

Portal and CRM working together

Having our portal integrated with our CRM has offered a few primary benefits. 

  • Being integrated with our CRM, it was easy to build portal access and welcome emails. Our portal has thus reached a broader audience than it has before
  • Being integrated with our CRM we can use one destination to turn portal access on or off
  • We can build reports that combine portal access with readership and other interactions, to build a singular view of our customer engagement
  • The Portal means we’re putting more data into Singletrack and this has given us additional functionality with other ancillary benefits

The results

The end result has received a very positive reaction. The user journey and interface have been well received, we haven’t had a single user access problem, our content is flowing seamlessly in, and data seamlessly out. 

No project is without its challenges – but they are much easier overcome with a positive and collaborative approach – which is very much what we have enjoyed throughout building our portal with Singletrack.”


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Published: 16/10/2023