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Product roadmap: spring 2024


Recently Singletrack held the first of our two annual product roadmap sessions to keep our clients and partners in the loop about what we have planned, to invite them to contribute their own ideas and needs, and to talk about current market conditions and industry trends. The spring session takes place virtually and presents the highlights from our last release and what to expect from the upcoming one. Here’s a look at what we discussed this year.

What’s happening in the market?

We began by looking at key market trends and how they have fed into our product planning. A major theme is the reversal of  MiFID II research payment provisions and the  implementation of the Kent Review recommendations. At Singletrack, we’ve seen an increase in the number of accounts managed (up 17.5%), and in the depth of engagement with those accounts as advisory firms respond to loosening controls on engagement. Activity is up overall with an increase in the number of emails sent (up 25%), partly driven by bankers leveraging collateral to maintain relationships where there is less deal activity. We’ve also seen a steady increase in roadshow participants, with a greater focus on one-to-one meetings and conferences as opposed to group meetings. 

At Singletrack we’re responding by helping advisory firms do more with less. This is crucial as teams try to deliver growth despite headcount cuts. To do this, we’re building on the work we’ve done over the past two years to enhance our Events and Banking modules to address new demands and opportunities across research production and delivery, improve user experience and leverage AI and automation to improve and scale service delivery

The release

In our spring release, we introduced a number of improvements to existing functionality including:

  • A brand new readership reporting tool which improves reporting performance and analysis to provide actionable insights
  • A redesigned research portal with a new interface and a more modular framework to reduce implementation time and make enhancements easy
  • Better list management through workflow improvements for complex contact finder queries
  • Better prospecting and targeting through improved integration with third party account and profile data 
  • A brand new account engagement toolkit to understand interactions, spot shifts in behaviour and align service to revenue
  • One-click branded project status updates 
  • Outlook Sidebar improvements including one-click interaction capture, AI-based summarisation and tag capture 

Coming up soon…

We also discussed some of the key features we’re developing for our summer release. These future improvements are also guided by the market trends we’ve identified.

To help teams work more efficiently, we’re working on:

  • Improving Call Manager functionality, through general UI improvements and better interaction notifications
  • Improving engagement with more targeted bulk email distribution capabilities from specific analysts or sales professionals
  • Integrating our AI-backed semantic search into our research portal
  • Introducing new portal features including one-click subscribe, saved search and a quick recent activity view

Working together

As always, our clients’ ideas and needs are a key part of our short and long-term product planning and development. This time around, we polled our clients who attended the roadmap session to get their feedback on where we should focus our product development efforts later in the year.

When it comes to identifying the workflows which have the most potential to deliver productivity improvements, our clients identified list management, integration with Microsoft Teams and contact management as their top three priorities.

We also asked for feedback about where our clients would most like to see AI incorporated into Singletrack. Respondents said their top priorities were co-pilot integrations, general use cases such as summarisation and improved search tools. 

These insights will shape how we develop Singletrack in the coming months. 

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Published: 09/05/2024