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From insight to action: notes from our winter client roundtable


At Singletrack, we work in partnership with our customers. Our Product Managers regularly connect with customers to understand business needs, changes in market dynamics and collect feedback on enhancements. These insights play a crucial role in shaping and driving our Roadmap across our product suite, and enable us to quickly identify and respond to new requirements.

For our product team, there’s nothing quite like the opportunity to engage with customers to identify a new problem or need, work with our Engineering and Client Success teams to define and deliver solutions and see the impact on customer outcomes. This is the Singletrack way.

For example, we recently heard from our customers that changes in email privacy technology was negatively impacting research engagement analytics. We made changes to address those issues, and we were able to do so effectively and quickly, shifting our product release schedule to accommodate. 

To complement our ongoing engagement, we launched our quarterly client roundtable initiative at the end of last year. We invite key stakeholders and decision makers from across our clients’ businesses to come together and discuss their medium term priorities and share their views on our product roadmap. 

At our winter roundtable held late last year in London, our clients shared their focus areas for the next year. This feedback from the session influenced our 2023 Product Roadmap. Here’s a quick look at our preparations for the session.

Some of the themes and product features that emerged from the session included the following:

Theme Client Objectives and Needs Singletrack 2023 Roadmap
Supporting data-driven client strategy
  • Improved reporting bringing together all client activity to understand demands and trends
  • Influence sales, trading and research behaviours with  actionable insights to better target services to customers (e.g. changes in behaviour)
  • Integrate data insights into workflows to reduce effort and administration
  • Connect interactions and revenue data to maximise ROI
Delivering a new suite of client strategy reporting components as part of our 2023 roadmap
Improving quality of interactions to better service clients
  • Reducing the effort to capture interactions manually to understand buy side activity
  • Improved reporting and presentation of interactions across Buy Side and Corporate Clients
  • Better integration of Interactions Capture into day-to-day workflows
Ambient capture of interactions in Bloomberg

Improved 360 interactions reporting across corporates and buy side

Adapting to changes in  market conditions
  • Improved support for corporate and investment banking workflows across clients
  • Drive workflow efficiencies to reduce administrative effort
  • Improve delivery and differentiation of broader advisory services in branded Portals
Banking origination support

Private equity / sponsor relationship management

Automated workflows across sales & trading, research and banking

Improved search and suggested research and events

Improved workflow integration
  • Deliver insights and workflow tools to users where they deliver their services to clients
Improved Outlook integration to see key insights about contacts

Initiate and complete workflows in Outlook with capital markets and banking specific tools

We’re grateful to those who joined us and for their great insights into how they’re using Singletrack right now, and what they’d like to see in the future. To learn more about the session, request an invite to the Spring Roundtable, or learn more about our 2023 Product Roadmap, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

And if you’re not working with us yet, but are keen to join the forward-thinking community of Singletrack clients and benefit from a capital markets platform that’s truly built around your needs and ready to evolve with you, book a demo now. 

Brijesh Malkan

Brijesh Malkan

Published: 28/03/2023