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First impressions of Singletrack – reflections from our new Senior Business Lead, Brian Bock


It has been just a few weeks since I joined Singletrack, and each day has been more exciting than the last. I’ve spent the time getting to know the Singletrack product, starting to meet our client base, and, of course, getting to know the team.

A particular highlight was having the opportunity to spend a week in our London HQ for a sales offsite. The entire offsite, and onboarding experience, has affirmed two important things: Singletrack’s platform is world class. Singletrack’s people are even better. I’d like to share some reflections on my experience so far.

As a US-based person joining a UK-headquartered firm in high growth mode, in the weeks immediately following a major investment from Accel-KKR, working in a hybrid/remote setup, I expected onboarding to be a bear. Not with Singletrack.

From early in the interview process, there was open and transparent dialogue about expectations. This covered Singletrack’s expectations of me, of course, but I was (and remain) impressed by the amount of consideration given to my own expectations and to what will make me successful at Singletrack. It has been special to feel like I can truly bring my whole self to work each day – I’ve been encouraged to do things like take an hour off the computer to drop my kids off on their first day of nursery school, for example. That energy and culture is apparent in every conversation I’ve had at Singletrack – from leadership to longtime employees to other new joiners like myself. It’s really motivating to hear that my colleagues share the same vision for delivering successes to our clients and prospective clients, as well as experience respect and understanding of our needs and responsibilities outside work.  

In the US, I attended our first in-person client roadmap session since the pandemic. It was so exciting to see how engaged our clients were throughout the presentation. But it was even better to witness the way our clients interacted with one another at the event. The sophistication of these conversations was impressive, and clients were open and frank when discussing best practices, how to get more from their internal data and how to leverage Singletrack optimally. We’re building a community of people who are the best at what they do in this industry.

During my time in the UK, I was so grateful for the generosity of my colleagues with their time and their openness and inclusivity. I was invited to join social events from other departments and everyone was eager to share why they are so glad to be a part of the Singletrack team. Spending a week with the wider sales team really made me feel welcome and part of the team.

Seeing Data-Driven Advisory In Action

Alongside getting to know Singletrack people, I’ve been building my knowledge of Singletrack product. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Brijesh Malkan, said, “Client relationships are currently undergoing the same level of transformation that electronic trading brought to the industry 20 years ago.”  A bold statement to be sure. But upon reflection, isn’t it the truth?

On the equity sales desk at Deutsche Bank, I used to describe my day-to-day as filtering an overwhelming set of resources to determine which I believed would be of the highest value to my highest value clients, delivering that resource via the best medium for that client, and then repeating that process as many times as possible until the day was over.

This week I saw a demo of Singletrack’s advanced analytics tool which provides automated call lists and guided next actions for sales users, backed up with information about why Singletrack has made these suggestions. Guided next actions incorporate the contact’s interests, research subscriptions, readership statistics, holdings information, events and conferences attended, and interaction history. I told my new colleagues, in no uncertain terms, that this was it. The Holy Grail. I wished I’d had a tool like that back in my equity sales days.

Singletrack enables our 60+ clients globally to empower their revenue-generating employees with actionable insights, in real-time, all day long. You’ll recognize these clients as the ones buy-side firms are rewarding with greater wallet share, the ones that are climbing the II Research Rankings in sales & trading, and the ones who are surging up global league tables – Singletrack is helping them achieve great results.

Welcome to Singletrack

There’s something special happening at Singletrack right now and I am truly fortunate to have joined such an amazing team. Whether you want to see your firm benefit from Singletrack, or you’re looking for a new opportunity in the Fintech world, I’m ready to extend the same great welcome I’ve received from my colleagues. Feel free to get in touch.

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Brian Bock

Brian Bock

Published: 22/11/2022