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Driving growth through improved productivity


  • 2024 is set to be another challenging year for the advisory industry
  • Despite job cuts and reduced capital markets activity, firms can grow by embracing new technology and providing a highly personalised service to clients
  • Leveraging a data-driven approach will help improve productivity and drive revenue growth

2024 is set to be another challenging year for our industry, and sales and trading teams are no exception. As the Financial Times outlined recently, banks cut over 60,000 jobs during 2023 – one of the most significant annual reductions since the financial crisis – in efforts to preserve margins as fees fell due to slower dealmaking and a reduction in public listings. 

Market conditions remain volatile and in many areas regulation is constantly evolving. Firms need to ensure they’re set up for flexibility and agility so they can change as quickly as the world around them does. 

What about clients? In this tricky environment, standing out from the competition is more important than ever.

The challenge

The message is clear: teams will shrink, expectations will grow. And these expectations come not just from within the business, but also from the clients it serves and the demands of a difficult market environment.

Managers are under pressure: they need to deliver savings while not just maintaining performance, but achieving growth. Our data shows that sales and research professionals are covering more accounts than ever before – over the past 2 years, the average number of accounts managed has risen by 33%.

Delivering highly-personalised service will be essential to win and maintain business. Increased competition will drive this trend towards bespoke servicing, as will the difficult market conditions: client firms will also be looking to cut costs wherever possible. To protect the client base, sell side providers must render themselves indispensable and give their clients a level or type of service they can’t obtain elsewhere.

2024 is likely to be a continuation of the trends we saw in 2023, so firms need to be ready. But how can they address the huge challenge of doing more with less?

How to do more with less

The table below details some of the key areas where professionals can leverage technology to drive growth:

Use case Solutions Outcome
Prospecting for new clients Matching technology to identify firms which are similar to existing profitable clients using firm and consumption characteristics Profitably expand account base
Identifying trading signals and natural liquidity Proactive identification of firms consuming historic research and engaging on specific topics Reduce the time to identify and engage buyers by 90%
Increase the number of monetisable interactions  Automated interaction capture and submission across all channels Increase interactions capture by over 190%, while reducing administrative effort by up to 90% 
Improve ability to service more clients Automated ad-hoc research email based on interests Improve client coverage and engagement by over 100% while reducing administrative effort by over 60%
Improving roadshow participation and feedback Data-driven target list creation based on an individual’s engagement and consumption Reduce the administrative effort of creating and delivering roadshows by up to 80% 
Client segmentation and behaviour tracking Guided next actions for key individuals across at-risk and opportunity firms Suggest advisory services and research to clients and increase engagement by 200%, while reducing service effort by up to 80%
Delivering targeted research Email personalisation and suggested content Improve research engagement by 8x through automated targeted emails
Answering client questions on specific investment opportunities Generative AI tools across research content that understand capital markets language  Reduce time taken to answer client questions by up to 90%
Originating new banking deals Combining internal interaction data with third party ownership data to quickly identify investment opportunities Originate 30% more deals
Project/deal status reporting for corporate clients Automated tearsheets Reduce administrative effort by 60%


How to get started with data-driven approach

Firms don’t need to go it alone. The right technology partner can help address the three most pressing issues facing advisory firms going into 2024: delivering operational efficiency to perform at a high level with restricted resources, keeping up with fast-paced technological upheaval from innovations like generative AI and delivering highly personalised service to clients. 

Here’s what to look for:

  • A unified user experience across the tools your people need which can adapt to match existing workflows 
  • Rich, reliable, detailed measurement tools so you can track performance and spot opportunity signals early
  • A focus on revenue drivers to guide workflow improvements, ensuring that time and effort are spent on things that really matter
  • AI innovations which combine fast uptake of new technology with a deep focus on use cases
  • Proven ability to deliver solutions that are adopted and drive business outcomes 

Singletrack provides a set of mission critical tools and analytics that help investment professionals drive revenue growth and improve productivity to meet the challenges of 2024. To learn more about how we can help, get in touch now.



Published: 15/01/2024