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Client Success: your champions at Singletrack


At Singletrack, we’re confident that we can help capital markets firms harness the power of data-driven transformation to work more efficiently while servicing their clients more effectively. Once our implementation process has got you up and running, you’ll be in the capable hands of our Client Success team.

Let’s start with the basics: what is client success? For us, it’s a network of teams, support mechanisms and other tools set up to help you get clear value from Singletrack. To deliver that value, three key things must be in place: the right product, the right people and the right approach to working together.

The right product

While client success is a relationship at its core, that relationship can’t replace the essential: a great product. Singletrack is a market leading client engagement and analytics platform custom built for capital markets firms. It’s been honed and developed over more than a decade to support data-driven working practices all the way from high level management decisions to day-to-day operations and across multiple areas including Sales and Trading, Research, Investment Banking, Event Management and Operations. Our growing base of 60+ clients benefits every day from a balance of fine-tuned customisation to suit their needs and workflows, and a stable, strong product core.

Singletrack fits in with what you’re already doing, improving and speeding up your existing processes. Because no two firms are the same, no two Singletrack deployments are either. 

But at the same time, buying a solution like Singletrack, rather than creating from scratch or customising a vanilla platform, gives clients some great benefits:

  • It’s built for the capital markets, incorporating broad and deep insights into the industry 
  • It’s constantly developing through our three annual releases, which ensure that Singletrack is always up to date for all our customers. And we take your needs into account for our product roadmap
  • It’s modular and scalable so Singletrack can grow and change with your business, whatever the future holds

From experience, I know that the Singletrack platform will add clear, tangible value to your business, and will continue to do so from implementation well into the future.

 But to realise that value, you also need a great team to work with you.

The right people

We’ve worked hard to build a strong group of client success professionals. The senior members of our team bring with them invaluable knowledge and expertise. Many have direct experience working in a wide range of capital markets firms across the buy and sell sides, as well as experience working in diverse areas of fintech. 

That means we have the experience to really understand your business, including the market you operate in, your challenges and your goals. For our team, achieving this understanding is part of the thrill of the job.

We also know that earning and maintaining your trust is essential. We want to learn how you work, and use that knowledge to be your people on the inside at Singletrack – your champions. We’ll represent your interests, and make sure they’re at the heart of our operations.

Which brings us to the culmination of our client success vision: our Joint Success Plan.

The right approach: we’re more successful together

We have a potentially transformative tool, yet Singletrack only amplifies your success, your innovation, the talent of your people. That means that we can’t (and don’t want to!) give you a one-size solution and wish you luck. We want to work closely with you as your story unfolds.

The Joint Success Plan comes from a detailed understanding of your goals and objectives over the next quarter, year, or even longer, and putting together a map of how Singletrack can help. This plan then forms the backbone of all our contact and work with you, keeping us focused on your needs, and ensuring we don’t waste time on things that aren’t relevant, like presenting upgrades or new features that aren’t relevant to what you do. 

The Joint Success Plan represents what I see as the pinnacle of client success: it helps us understand our place in your business, where you’re heading, and how we can best support you in that. 

Every team is a client success team

Ultimately, client success is at the heart of what we do, not just as a key team, but as a guiding principle across all teams, from development to product planning to communications and beyond. 

At Singletrack, we’ve grown over the years hand in hand with our clients. What began as a product conceived by visionaries of the industry to meet needs they’d seen and experienced has developed into a comprehensive platform, in part through the insights our clients give us. We know first-hand that when you do well, when you operate more effectively, when you grow, we grow with you. And that’s what it’s all about.

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Jordan Roper

Jordan Roper

Published: 26/01/2023