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Autumn product roadmap: the latest from Singletrack


This week the Singletrack team and our US-based clients gathered in New York for the second of our autumn product roadmap sessions, following a similar session in London. These presentations, held twice a year, are part of how we make sure Singletrack’s roadmap stays in line with the needs and priorities of our client base.

This year we discussed improvements and new features we’ve delivered over the last six months, took a behind-the-scenes look at some of our upcoming AI and automation capabilities, heard from clients about what it’s like to use Singletrack day-to-day and hosted a panel discussion with industry experts.

We were really proud to present such a varied session this time around, with insights into more and more different parts of Singletrack. Attendees heard from our CEO, Stuart Berwick, our Product and Strategy teams, and some of our Engineers – it was great to share more of Singletrack.

If you couldn’t join us in London or New York, here’s a look at what we discussed.

Key themes for the advisory market

Singletrack CSO Brijesh Malkan shared some insights into the most pressing questions and priorities facing the advisory market at the moment, and how Singletrack and firms might respond, including

  • Client engagement and service delivery tools as a first-class citizen, which will require a focus on user experience, adoption and integration across the desktop, moving beyond a traditional understand of CRM
  • Challenging and volatile market conditions which mean firms will be looking to measure outcomes, identify trends and signals as early as possible and benchmark performance against industry standards
  • A greater focus on smart servicing with an interest in combining productivity improvements with superior client engagement and compliant workflows
  • The emerging post-MiFID II landscape with an expansion of the breadth and depth of service delivery
  • An interest in improving connections between the sell side, the buy side and corporates which will require connected tissue and clearer standards
  • The potential of AI which will be driven by internal experimentation and emerging use cases

In addition, we shared some data insights to present our perspective on the state of the advisory market.

In 2023, Singletrack clients have seen research engagement increase by 6%, targeted sales & research email engagement rise 11% and a 30% increase in the number of buy side accounts engaged.

We’ve made lots of improvements

It was great to share with our client community that we’ve made 136 significant improvements to Singletrack since January 2022, focused on our Sales & Trading, Corporate Access, Research and Banking modules. This is part of our commitment to provide a continuously evolving, cutting-edge service.

Over this period, we focused in particular on expanding our client strategy reporting, overhauling our events module, expanding our banking capabilities and improving our Portal offering.

Here’s a quick breakdown of those enhancements:

  • Improvements on 81 existing features
  • Addition of 21 new features
  • Introduction of 5 new integrations
  • 29 client pain points addressed

Evolving our Outlook Integration

Roadmap session attendees benefitted from a live demo of our Outlook Sidebar and heard about the enhancements we’ve been working on. New AI capabilities were a particularly exciting part of the demo. These have been guided by 3 key themes.

Streamlining data capture ambiently and non-intrusively to save investment professionals time and help them focus on revenue-generating activity while still ensuring data is comprehensive and of the highest quality.

Supporting data-driven advisory by presenting key data when it’s relevant so investment professionals can provide more relevant, more meaningful service to clients.

Help investment professions do more with less effort by enabling them to initiate and execute business workflows without having to switch context.

Expanding our banking capabilities

Our Product team presented the enhancements made to our banking module over the past year including, the ability to automate portfolio ownership management, view interactions with sponsors and portfolio companies in a single view, buyers list management improvements, Pitchbook integration and deal execution workflow automations.

Our team explained how these changes help our clients originate more deals, reduce buyer identification time and reduce execution admin by 50%.

What’s it really like to use Singletrack?

We heard from clients who use Singletrack day-to-day about their experiences of creating and running roadshows and conferences. This was a real highlight with very engaging contributions which brought a different perspective and highlighted elements of Singletrack which make a difference to users. In particular, it was great to see that incremental useability improvements, which might save a couple of seconds here and there, can have a big impact. Thank you so much to our wonderful clients who made this part of the roadmap possible.

New generative AI features

A real highlight was an in-depth look at Singletrack’s new generative AI feature which uses NLP to answer research questions, summarise content and discover new insights – all backed up and referenced with research reports and content.

Our Engineering team did an excellent job, letting clients look under the hood of this new feature to see how it works. During our networking session afterwards, there was plenty of buzz about this feature – more coming soon.

For more information about any of the topics we covered at the roadmap, or to find out how your firm can benefit from Singletrack, get in touch now.



Published: 11/10/2023