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2022: three drivers for change in capital markets


As we draw towards the end of 2021, I’ve been considering what next year will hold for capital markets, for our clients and for Singletrack. I believe that 2022 will be dominated by a continued shift towards data-driven advisory, driven by three specific trends in capital markets client strategy and innovation. 

Firstly, demand for AI-driven analytics to be deeply integrated into workflow to address use cases such as understanding client intent, smart-servicing clients and better managing talent will be a key driver for adoption of ML/AI. How analytics are incorporated into the user journey and experience will be a key consideration.

Secondly, market dynamics, including fund-flow from public to private markets, increased productivity and efficiency demands and a more cost-conscious and fragmented buyside will drive demand for better integration of client insights across the desktop to support complex cross-functional workflows and automation of common, repeatable tasks – freeing up professionals to focus on higher value activities.

Finally, the rise of new forms of research to address ESG and alt-data needs will create new competitive threats and opportunities for providers. Firms will need to think carefully about how they produce, deliver and integrate content into downstream workflows to maximise ROI. Digital transformation will further yield deeper customer behaviour insights that can create a virtuous cycle to better understand needs and improve service levels, which in turn will inform capital markets client strategy.

Stuart Berwick

Stuart Berwick

Published: 18/11/2021