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Corporate Finance

Boost revenue generation by operating with confidence and efficiency through Singletrack’s data-driven tools for corporate finance.

Joined up thinking

Corporate finance teams stand to gain tremendously from a 360° view of all activities happening across their firm. But too often, this view is interrupted by siloed data, poor or absent processes for sharing information between teams, and a lack of alignment across different activities. When these difficulties are compounded by time-consuming manual processes, the power of corporate finance teams is limited.

Singletrack helps your corporate finance activities to gain efficiency and boost revenues with a suite of tools that ensure teams have all the information they need when they need it. Giving your people a complete view of all activities, including private equity portfolio company visibility, Singletrack also automates many key processes, drastically reducing unrewarding manual work and leaving your people freer to do what they do best.

One Bank solution

Singletrack’s One Bank approach to capital markets activities delivers a strategic overview of each client and across the business as a whole. It unites all the data you have at your disposal – both third-party and proprietary – from all activities, including sales and trading, research, event management and banking. This means you can eliminate data silos and benefit from data-driven decision making to deliver the best outcomes for corporate finance clients.

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Boost efficiency

With all the relevant data at your disposal, Singletrack incorporates AI-backed tools to assist and automate all kinds of day-to-day activities, saving time on previously manual tasks, including client updates, wall crossing status tracking, list compilation with interest-based tagging, and more.

Maximise revenues

Singletrack can help you make sense of your data universe and surface relevant insights just when you need them. This includes spotting trends in client or contact behaviour, incorporating third-party data to give you a complete view of activities and interests, and tracking all interactions across the whole firm so your teams can get in touch with timely, relevant information for all clients.

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